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Many homes have tile flooring. Additionally, it helps make spills easier to clean up and keeps our houses cooler in the summer. High pressure and steam are used in an inventive cleaning technique by Micks Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne to clean the grout, eradicating dirt and regaining the visual appeal of the tile and grout. By using high-pressure steam and moving backward to an evaporator vacuum system, our cleaning procedure ensures that we maximise overall outcomes while minimising any mess. Your tile and grout will appear brand-new after doing this.

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    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Different tile cleaning services we provide in Melbourne

    You can affordably get the best care for your commercial area and your home with the help of our Effective cleaning services. High-quality services are what Micks Tile Grout Cleaning Melbourne is committed to offering in Melbourne. View the list of our areas of expertise below:

    Floor And Wall Tile Cleaning
    Floor and wall tile cleaning

    Combining specialized tools and powerful cleaning agents, Micks Tile Cleaning Melbourne offers floor and wall cleaning. Our Grout Cleaning Company can fully clean your tile and grout to the best standard in Melbourne by using customized cleaning agents and high-intensity vehicle-mounted cleaning materials.

    Grout Sealing
    Grout sealing

    By keeping the majority of stains fixed at the surface, sealing the tiles helps to prevent & decrease staining. By forming a barrier, sealing offers defence against corrosive attack, degradation, and pollution.

    Grout Recolouring
    Grout recolouring

    We recolour grout lines using a high-quality colour solution, guaranteeing that they will continue to look wonderful for years to come. After your tiled area has been completely cleaned, an epoxy-based colourant is sprayed to give it a uniform appearance and protect the grout to fend off future stains.

    Epoxy Grouting
    Epoxy Grouting

    To endure the test of time, a tiled surface subject to intense foot traffic, continuous submersion in water, or severe exposure to chemicals needs strong grouting. The tiled surface is guaranteed to be durable thanks to our epoxy grout sealing treatment.


    In the first part of the two-step regrouting procedure, we use an oscillating tool and some hand scraping to remove the old, hardened grout from the gaps or joints between tiles. Our Tile And Grout Cleaning Melbourne teams offer a high-quality regrouting procedure.

    Tile Repair
    Tile repair

    Our team of expert and skilled tilers in Melbourne can help you with both indoor and outdoor tile repair if necessary. We can fix chipped, cracked and damaged tiles without damaging or scratching your floor.

    Stone Polishing
    Stone Polishing

    We provide the stone with a clean appearance by polishing. This keeps tiles and stones in outstanding condition. Any polished stone offers an additional layer of protection to keep stains and dirt off of it.

    Grout Colour Sealing
    Grout colour sealing

    Your grout lines will be sealed by us with a premium colour sealer, which will last for many years. An epoxy-based colourant is applied to your tiled area after it has been thoroughly cleaned, giving it a uniform appearance and sealing the grout to ward off further stains. Years of warranty are included with the epoxy-based grout colourant against peeling, chipping, cracking, or fading.

    Tile Restoration
    Tile Restoration

    Restore and repair loose tiles, cracked, chipped, broken, or even discoloured tiles on walls, floors, stairways, swimming pools, or wherever else you have tiles installed in your house or workplace.

    We Are Cleaning All Types of Tiles


    To keep limestone shiny or polished appearance, professional routine maintenance will be necessary. However, some people insist on a high-gloss finish even though limestone looks best with a polished or low/medium sheen appearance.


    If you don’t have the correct tools, cleaning ceramic tile could be a real hassle. Avoid wasting time manually washing ceramic tiles. It has never been simpler to obtain the spotless clean that you desire and that others will notice due to our tile grout cleaning team having the cleaning tools and equipment.


    Mosaic tile installation is a quick and easy option to upgrade your remodelling or new construction! To maintain your mosaic clean and bright, our grout cleaning company offers efficient cleaning techniques.


    Travertine & Natural Stone Restoration is a specialty of our team. Our advanced business practices combine technical proficiency with a commitment to excellence and a strong work ethic.


    Some of the most stunning surfaces anybody can install in their house or business is marble, because it is a very soft stone, it is susceptible to scratching in locations with a lot of foot activity. Marble cleaning calls for special care.


    It is quite simple to clean granite floor tiles. Additionally, maintaining the lustre of granite floor tiles involves cleaning them with stone soap once a week.


    All of your demands for quarry tile maintenance and cleaning may be met by our team for Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne. Contact us right away, and we’ll make sure your Quarry tile is revived and stays that way.


    Most stains will remain suspended at the surface of your porcelain after cleaning it, forming a barrier that will protect it from chemical attack, deterioration, and contamination.


    We have the most experienced sealer installers and will guarantee that your slate will appear stunning. When specifically needed, Professional tile cleaning, our qualified experts can apply a chemical sealer to your surfaces to give them a high gloss, satin sheen, or matte finish.

    Different areas where we offer Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne service

    • Outdoor tiles: By getting rid of any mould or algae build-up, our outdoor tile repairing and cleaning services can guarantee spotless tiles that are also secure.
    • Kitchen tiles: More efficient than standard mopping and washing is a tile and grout cleaning company, we provide expert tile and kitchen tile cleaning services.
    • Bathroom tiles: Cleaning has grown more difficult as a result of the rise in the use of different kinds of tile and natural materials in bathrooms by both designers and the public at large in recent years.
    • House floor tiles: No matter how diligently you scrub, you’ll never be able to achieve the quality of our finish. This is because cleaning house floor tiles requires both specialist industrial equipment and powerful cleaning agents.
    • Commercial area tiles: We also provide commercial building tile cleaning services with effective methods.

    The Process That We Follow For Tile And Grout Cleaning

    • Pre-Vacuuming: Your floor is cleaned to get rid of any stray particles.
    • Tile and Grout Pre-Treatment: To remove ingrained dirt and pollutants, apply our chemical-based degreasing solution to your tiles and let them sit for a few minutes.
    • Power Exfoliate: Utilising heated, high-pressure water to extract or pressure rinse, we will successfully remove and capture waste.
    • High-Pressure Rinse: To effectively extract and capture waste, we will pressure rinse or extract utilising high-pressure hot water.
    • Speed Dry: Our powerful speed drying fan removes any remaining water.

    Why choose us for Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne?

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    Our Tile cleaners in Melbourne are reliable and committed to their jobs. We promptly arrive at your location and efficiently complete the cleaning procedure. from the suburbs of Melbourne. Our cleaning service is now available to you at a reasonable price.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While some homeowners strive for an annual cleaning, many believe every other year is acceptable for grout and tile maintenance. If several of the aforementioned issues apply to you, cleaning your grout 1-2 times each year is suggested.

    How filthy the tiles and grout are can be seen clearly in some cases. However, a homeowner is frequently not conscious that it can be cleaned by a professional.

    It’s crucial to maintain the glossy, opulent appearance of your marble floors for as much as you can. This entails polishing it once every one to three years to get rid of the scratches and restore the gloss.

    According to our standard response, your floor should continue to look good for one to 3 years.

    Any marble should have a sealer applied as part of a maintenance routine because of the porosity’s increased susceptibility to stains. No amount of sealing can stop stains from ever forming. Instead, it delays the onset of a stain on the porous surface of the stone.

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