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The leading provider of curtain and drapery cleaning services in Melbourne is Micks Carpet Cleaning. In Melbourne and the surrounding metropolitan area, we offer professional curtain and drapery cleaning services. We know how to efficiently and successfully handle all of your curtain and blind cleaning needs thanks to our more than 25 years of experience. Your curtains and blinds will be cleaned with the utmost care by staff members who have acquired specialized training, education, and experience. To learn more about how we can support you or obtain expert advice and service, call us now. We provide free guidance. We are extremely dependable for Curtain Cleaning Melbourne services!

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    Curtain Cleaning

    Advantages Of Hiring Professionals To Clean Your Curtains

    Increase The Lifespan Of Your Curtains
    Increase the lifespan of your curtains

    The dirt becomes more deeply lodged the more time passes between cleanings of the curtains. The more harm these particles do to the fibers, the longer they remain in the curtains. Routine washing curtains will make your curtains last longer, keep their appearance fresher longer, and lower the risk of irreparable damage.

    Prevent Asthma And Allergies
    Prevent asthma and allergies

    The many particles that are attracted to curtains might cause allergies like hay fever. Furthermore, dust particles can cause asthma. In particular, curtains with thick fabrics or several layers are prone to attracting allergies. These irritants will be removed by our professional curtain washing service, greatly lowering the possibility of symptoms like a runny nose, coughing, or sneezing.

    Stay Away From Mould
    Stay away from mould

    Mould and mildew can develop on your curtains as a result of moisture on walls and windows. As a result, allergy symptoms or even respiratory conditions may develop. They can cause injury when inhaled because of the spores they release, especially to more delicate individuals like young children and the elderly. Therefore, it’s critical to regularly hire drapes cleaning services.


    Cleaning curtains at home runs the danger of destroying the fabric. You would need to spend money buying a new set of curtains if this occurs in your own home. As an alternative, our professional curtain cleaning in Melbourne is properly insured, saving you the expense of purchasing a new pair of curtains in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

    A routine curtain steam cleaning service and specialized method will ensure that your draperies are maintained in excellent condition and that your family is protected from health problems. Our Curtain Cleaning Melbourne team offers you the best On-site curtain cleaning service at an affordable curtain cleaning cost.

    Various Methods We Offer for Curtain and Blind Cleaning

    Dry Cleaning
    Dry cleaning

    Our skilled crew is knowledgeable about how to handle various curtain fabrics as well as the types of materials that can be employed to prevent harming the fabric’s colour and design. Since we have more than a decade of experience in the field for excellent curtain dry cleaning service in Melbourne. We offer dry cleaning curtains at affordable rates!

    Steam Cleaning
    Steam cleaning

    When you use the curtain steam cleaning procedure, you can keep your curtains and blinds at home and workplace clean and hygienic while also getting the exceptional longevity of your curtains. We make your curtains germ-free with our specialized curtain steam cleaning services in Melbourne, which eventually lowers the danger of health hazards in the house.

    Mould Removal
    Mould removal

    Moisture causes mould, to grow on drapes. It spreads quickly and is strong enough to rip your curtains. We offer a full curtain mould removal service at Micks Curtain Cleaning Melbourne. To remove mould and disinfect curtains, our professional curtain cleaning employs powerful chemicals and cleaning equipment.

    Stain Removal
    Stain removal

    Utilizing our tried-and-true, environmentally safe stain remover solutions, we remove stains from curtains. Almost any form of stain on your curtains can be removed by our curtain cleaning service.

    Anti-Allergen Treatment
    Anti-allergen treatment

    Your home is protected by curtains. They are therefore more susceptible to dust and allergies. The professionals on our team are fully qualified to handle your allergies occurring due to dirty and stained curtains and blinds.


    After thoroughly cleaning your curtains, we have the option of rehanging the curtains for your hassle-free service.

    We Clean All Drapes, Curtains and Blinds

    Vertical Blinds
    Vertical blinds

    Vertical blinds offer style to practically any space in the house. Our knowledgeable and helpful experts are more than delighted to provide their professional assistance and assist you in making a selection if you’re still unclear about what window coverings would best meet your demands. To learn more and to see our selection of the best vertical blinds cleaning service in Melbourne.

    Roman Blinds
    Roman blinds

    Our area of expertise is cleaning Roman blinds, and we treat your pricey, cherished, and exquisite blinds of such a type with the utmost care. We have the right cleaning solutions to remove dirt and germs from your blinds. Moreover, our blinds cleaners also embrace pelmets, drapery, and different sorts of curtains.

    Roller Blinds
    Roller blinds

    Roller blinds enhance the appearance of the house, but cleaning them should be the last thing on your mind. The build-up of dust, filth, and bacteria on the blinds over time makes roller blind cleaning imperative. If you are an expert, cleaning roller blinds is not difficult; but, if you are not, cleaning roller blinds is equally challenging.


    Our goal at Micks Curtain Cleaning Melbourne is to offer the best drapes cleaning service in Melbourne. From takedown, dry cleaning, and rehang to servicing and repair, installation, new tracks, blinds, and other services, we can fulfil all of your needs.

    Pencil Pleat Curtain
    Pencil pleat curtain

    For curtain washing service with advanced technology, we offer a personalized service to clean and repair your pencil pleat curtains.

    Double Box Pleat Curtain
    Double box pleat curtain

    Double box pleated curtains receive particular treatment from our Curtain Cleaning Melbourne professionals, who handle them with care.

    Linen Curtains
    Linen curtains

    Here, we place a high value on quality control. We make sure that you always get the best linen possible, in flawless condition. We take pride in offering premium linen curtain cleaning at reasonable pricing.

    Sheer Curtains
    Sheer curtains

    With our effective cleaning methods, we clean your sheer curtain very carefully to maintain the fabric and shine.

    Lace Curtains
    Lace curtains

    Because people frequently confuse washing lace curtains with typical cloth cleaning without thinking about the fabric, they may first seem quite simple to clean but it is not. Our professional curtain cleaning service will make it easy for you!

    A team of qualified and skilled specialists from Micks Curtain Cleaning Melbourne has been cleaning all kinds of curtains, drapes and blinds in Melbourne for decades.

    Why choose us for Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne?

    Your curtains and blinds will be completely free from dust, grime, and pollutants when you hire our Curtain Cleaning Melbourne team to clean your branded curtains. Our skilled professionals are renowned for treating every type of fabric with the highest care. We know that no two textiles are the same and shouldn’t be handled in the same way. We offer unique cleaning procedures for various curtain fabric types. With us, there are unique items that:

    • We are Melbourne’s most affordable curtain washing service.
    • Our curtain cleaning service is available seven days a week in Melbourne.
    • We provide on-site curtain cleaning service.
    • A customer-friendly team that delivers satisfaction.
    • We are a committed group of experts who are qualified, accredited, and well-equipped.
    • We use environmentally friendly curtain cleaning supplies that are secure for your loved ones and pets.

    Same Day Curtain Cleaning services In Melbourne and All Nearby Locations

    Curtains improve privacy and give the inside of your house a lovely aspect. But what if the dirt on these curtains ruins that attractive appearance? If so, you will need to remove them, wash them with detergent, and then hang them back up. So much work, right? Do not worry! Melbourne’s on-site curtain cleaning is here to help. At times, it becomes essential to clean and sanitize the curtain right away. At Micks Curtain Cleaning Melbourne, we provide urgent curtain cleaning services to our customers. With this service, we make sure to provide all types of curtains and drapes cleaning services to our clients on the same day as their booking. Therefore, you may rely on us for urgent professional curtain cleaning in Melbourne.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average price of curtain cleaning mostly relies on the type of fabric used and how thoroughly it needs to be cleaned. An expert specialist can determine which procedure would be appropriate and what the costs would be based on the condition. Contact us to find out more about pricing.

    Even strong materials can become weak when they are exposed to sunlight all the time. Use the gentle cycle, tepid or lukewarm water, and light detergent for washing curtains and drapes in the washing machine. If at all possible, air dry them outside or use a delicate or no-heat setting in the dryer.

    To keep your curtains looking their best, you should get them cleaned ideally every six months. However, you might need to get them washed more frequently if you have kids or pets in the house.

    Cleaning your curtains will get rid of dust, filth, and other allergens, which will help the quality of the air within your home. It can also lengthen the lifespan of your curtains.

    If you try DIY methods for curtain cleaning, you will end up ruining your curtain’s fabric. To avoid damage, get your curtains professionally cleaned for the finest results. This will guarantee that they are cleaned effectively and are not harmed while being cleaned.

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